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Well, being single in katamon should at least be interesting…

I met last nights date on dosidate, a dating site for religious singles living in Israel. After a few short email exchanges, I agreed to go out with him and gave him my phone number.

For awhile we played phone tag, which is pretty normal, except that instead of normal messages he spoke on my machine for ten minutes about how amazing Israel, how spiritual the kotel is, blah blah blah. I decided to pick up my life to move to a different country and consider myself a pretty idealistic person, but even I had to delete the messages half way through because they were so long and rambling.

On his fourth message (note – we still had yet to speak on the phone let alone meet in person) he began by calling me “sarbear”?!

At this point I was pretty sure he was probably not my soul mate, but he sent me a sms yesterday morning if I wanted to go out later in the day. I was free so I thought I might as well meet him, since I had already agreed to the date and at the very least I figured it should make for an amusing evening.

While trying to determine a location to meet he asked me where I work. I answered in town. His response – “we must be soulsisters.

And then for our date we went to a Sheva Bracha.




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  • Deena: Hey. :) I just googled katamon singles and came across your blog. I like what you wrote, even if it didn't last long. Anyway, the reason I googled tho
  • Deena: Oy vey.
  • Yisrael: Is it so dry there? Why don't you have more recent posts?